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Storytelling can change the World

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Plus, some stories from
Ken’s book on the natural
history of rural France,
The Field by the River

The deaf dumb and blind kid.
Alzheimer’s steals my friend.
Animal intelligence
A visit from five white bulls
Rough sex down by the river.

And a bonus article, A Sudan safari.











Stories about fundraising,
communication and
the meaning of life (part 3).

Earlier articles/ opinions, before May 2014 (current articles are here and more recent articles are here)
A tribute to George Smith, two years late.
The best idea in ageing.
Which ad will work best, when where and why?
Live life like you mean every moment.
Innovation is oxygen: Time to reinvigorate the risk–takers.
Getting the giving habit.
The real point about face-to-face fundraising.
The collection: it’s never too late to do something wonderful.
The ‘less cost is best’ fallacy.
What is a fundraiser?
About the thin skin of dinosaurs.
The one line we never should cross.
Who is a donor? and other fundamentals of our trade.

Searching for the ghost of George Smith.
What should we tell donors about acquisition costs?
How can we stop this crazy false economy?
The tester’s dilemma: to go on, or give up?

Investing in testing: why it will pay you to kiss a few frogs.
Hey fundraiser, can you spare two minutes to change the way you think?

The emotional brain: effective fundraising is all in the mind.
Changing our public’s perception.
How often should we ask?
Partnerships: is this the Higgs boson of fundraising?
The real meaning of commitment.
F2F: 50 ideas to improve the public’s experience of street fundraising.

The Bata shoes story.
The twin secrets of fundraising success.
How inspirational are your walls?
s going wrong with
Welcome to the Happy Bubble.
Seize the day: about missed opportunities, plus
Reckless opportunism vs the dead hand of risk-aversion.
Time to turn the talk into action
Why should fundraisers say thank you nicely?
Prepare for the
fundraising trustee.
: even for fundraisers there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
Why event organisers shouldn’t exploit speakers

The indispensable guard book.
The transformational fundraising entrepreneur.
The donor pyramid – really!
The fundraising dream team.
2020 vision: the future of fundraising.
Twitter elite, or Twitter suicide?
Is direct mail dead?

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