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Ken Burnett

Ken Burnett is an author, lecturer and consultant on fundraising, marketing and communications for nonprofit organisations worldwide. After early career starts in banking and publishing Ken was UK director of ActionAid from 1977 to ’79 and director of fundraising and communications there from 1981 to ’83, when he founded the influential Burnett Associates agency, the first company of its type in Europe. For two decades Burnett Associates produced some of the most original, donor-focused and effective communications campaigns to be found anywhere. This tradition continues with the Burnett Works agency. Though no longer directly involved, Ken remains a close friend of the agency he founded more than 30 years ago. In the recent past he has worked closely with several other communications and marketing agencies in the UK, Australia, North America and India. From the early 2000s until 2005, working with Alan Clayton, Ken was chairman of Cascaid, the agency Alan set up. He’s a director of specialist publishers The White Lion Press Limited and is founder and managing trustee of SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.

Ken has served on several non-profit boards including 13 years as a trustee of the international anti-poverty NGO ActionAid, ultimately as an independent trustee of ActionAid International, of which he is a founding board member. Ken was chairman of ActionAid from 1998 to 2003, is a former vice chair of the UK’s Institute of Fundraising and is a former trustee of BookAid International and the International Fund Raising Group (now The Resource Alliance). Ken is a fellow of the Institute of Fundraising and an honorary fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. In the past he’s contributed numerous articles for parts of Guardian Newspapers Group, including Guardian Weekly, The Guardian Unlimited/Society Guardian website and also other magazines and websites, and for many years was a regular contributor to the US journal Contributions. Ken is author of the worldwide best seller Relationship Fundraising, its sequel Friends for Life: Relationship Fundraising in Practice, How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports (with Karin Weatherup), Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board and The Zen of Fundraising. All of his books can be found here, or on the White Lion Press website. Ken’s first non-fundraising book, The Field by the River, was published in July 2008 by Portico books, an imprint of Anova, to high critical acclaim. A paperback edition of this book was published in 2009, Kindle in 2013. Towards the end of 2014 Ken brought out what he believes to be his most important book so far, Storytelling can change the world.

In 2007 Ken Burnett was recipient of Professional Fundraising magazine’s ‘Outstanding Contribution’ award (click here to download PDF) and the UK Institute of Fundraising’s ‘Lifetime Contribution’ award.

In 2010, with friend and long-time business partner Alan Clayton, Ken set up the transformational coaching, consulting and creativity company Clayton Burnett, now renamed, since Ken no longer has an executive role in the company, as Alan Clayton Associates. For seven years Alan and Ken offered their clients a little bit of magic, the extra something that makes individuals and organisations excel. Alan continues this tradition with a single-minded dedication to great fundraising, defined as large-scale, sustainable growth driven by people who are committed to your mission. Ken still helps out, from time to time.

In a poll of readers of the UK magazine Fundraising in July 2011 Ken Burnett was voted to be the most influential individual in British fundraising. In November 2012 Ken Burnett was elected to be an independent trustee of the UK Disasters Emergency Committee, with a specific remit for fundraising. Towards the end of 2013 he was appointed to the Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing, as a commissioner. Recently Ken has worked with two of the UK advertising industry's most decorated and feted creative talents, Indra Sinha and Neil Godfrey, to create dramatic press campaigns for Amnesty International, UK section.

In July 2015 Ken delivered the plenary presentation at the 1st China Fundraising Conference in Beijing, the only non-Chinese speaker in the programme. He briefly served as honorary editor in chief for the Alliance for Good network for Chinese NGOs.

Also in 2015, following a crisis in public confidence in fundraising practices prompted by a flood of negative comment in the tabloid press, Ken Burnett co-founded, with Giles Pegram CBE, The Commission on the Donor Experience. CDE’s 28 detailed reports were published in July 2017 and are now available in full, for free, on SOFII, along with their distilled essence, the 32 lightbulb moments, in 44 short videos.

When not travelling on behalf of clients or giving seminars Ken spends his time between London and rural Suffolk, where he’s discovered a new love of writing, directing and acting in amateur village plays. See here and here. He’s easiest to contact by email, at You can follow Ken on Twitter @kenburnett1

March 2018




To have a look at Storytelling can change the world click here.
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‘ entertaining read that will help you raise more money in all sorts
of ways. I have added it to my list of must reads for fundraisers.’

Rob Woods, author and fundraising trainer.

‘I recommend you take some time out to read every page, then return to changing the world with a far greater hope of success.’
Joe Jenkins, director of fundraising, communications & activism, Friends of the Earth.

From recent reviews of Storytelling can change the world, see here.

‘Only a few chapters in and I’m mesmerised... thanks tons (like all the elephants in Africa tons) for writing this book.’
Shanon Doolittle, Seattle, USA.

‘It pays to cultivate the art of seeing the invisible.’
Jonathan Swift

‘Tales are related in a fabulously human way with wit, honesty and a touch of sarcasm, as if by a friendly uncle chatting with those with whom he’s at most ease.’
From one of many reviews of The Field by the River, which you’ll find here.

Two of Ken’s books are featured in this compilation from the USA
of Books that changed my life. Click the image to download.