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Michael Johnsen from SOS Children’s Villages International enjoys a little light reading (I just like all the post-it notes!). Photo by Sanjeev Gupta.

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Plus, some stories from
Ken’s book on the natural
history of rural France,
The Field by the River

The deaf dumb and blind kid.
Alzheimer’s steals my friend.
Animal intelligence
A visit from five white bulls
Rough sex down by the river.

And a bonus article, A Sudan safari.

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Stories about fundraising,
the donor experience and
the meaning of life.

The seven rules for happiness.
• The use and misuse of emotion

part 1: why fundraisers should study emotions and use them better.

part 2: three steps to transform how fundraisers communicate emotionally.
Don’t just ask me for money.
Where do I start? My first few weeks as a fundraiser.
• The truth, told well. How fundraisers can improve daytime TV.
Diversity is not enough. How to get there, then go further.

GDPR latest. Good news from the Regulator.
Missing out on what matters most.
Working together: the delight and value of uniting to realise a shared dream.
Is fundraising an art, or a science? And is this a useful question?
Meet the donors. Yes, real donors get the chance to say what they think!
Spend less on programmes, spend more on your donors’ experience.
• How to create magic moments.
Opt in or opt out? Two letters from the regulator.

Why opt in will be bad for donors and causes, and should be resisted.
Should charities invest in fundraising or stocks and shares?
Data. How we use it and why we’re not getting it right.
Changing fundraising for good.
Continuous donor choice. Fundraising’s best opportunity in ages.
Something called integrity.
Adding new words and meanings to colour how fundraising is changing.
Adventures in emotional space.

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