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Plus, some stories from
Ken’s book on the natural
history of rural France,
The Field by the River

The deaf dumb and blind kid.
Alzheimer’s steals my friend.
Animal intelligence
A visit from five white bulls
Rough sex down by the river.

And a bonus article, A Sudan safari.

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Stories about fundraising,
the donor experience and
the meaning of life (part 2).

Earlier articles/ opinions, before June 2016 (current articles are here, even earlier articles are here).
• Doing the right thing by donors.
The acceptable face of fundraising targets.
Pure gold: the 34 essential foundations of fundraising.
• Giving donors choices: a fundraising preference service from 1986.
Who’d want to live next door to a lapsed donor?
Plus four more observations on aspects of the donor experience.
The real meaning of relationship fundraising
Evolving into the inspiration business: rethinking asking and listening.
Where now for fundraising?

You have just six minutes to defend fundraising...
China: the fundraising dragon awakes.
Asking Properly: the only sustainable way to do fundraising.
ActionAid’s journey to diversity.
• The future of fundraising: a five-part series.

Introduction. Why does this matter? And why now?
Part 1. What’s working for fundraisers now, and what’s not?
Part 2. A fundraising Utopia.
Part 3. Three keys to fresh fundraising success.
Part 4. Marketing was a mistake.
Part 5. Fundraising and the rule of law.

Times are bad. Roger and Stephen have both written books.
Communication and the English language.
Advertising’s earliest genius and how he can make your ads work better.
Now we know how to make relationship fundraising work.
Keeping the right donors. Proud to be a fundraiser, part 2.
Keeping the right fundraisers. Proud to be a fundraiser, part 1.
Straight to the heart of how fundraising works.

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