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Plus, some stories from
Ken’s book on the natural
history of rural France,
The Field by the River

Alzheimer’s steals my friend.
Animal intelligence
A visit from five white bulls
Rough sex down by the river.

And a bonus article, A Sudan safari.txt










Stories about fundraising,
communication and
the meaning of life.

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How can we stop this crazy false economy?
The tester’s dilemma: to go on, or give up?

Investing in testing: why it will pay you to kiss a few frogs.
Hey fundraiser, can you spare two minutes to change the way you think?

The emotional brain: effective fundraising is all in the mind.
Changing our public’s perception.
How often should we ask?
Partnerships: is this the Higgs boson of fundraising?
The real meaning of commitment.
F2F: 50 ideas to improve the public’s experience of street fundraising.

The Bata shoes story.
The twin secrets of fundraising success.
How inspirational are your walls?
s going wrong with
Welcome to the Happy Bubble.
Seize the day: about missed opportunities, plus
Reckless opportunism vs the dead hand of risk-aversion.
Time to turn the talk into action
Why should fundraisers say thank you nicely?
Prepare for the
fundraising trustee.
: why event organisers shouldn’t exploit speakers.
The indispensable guard book.
The transformational fundraising entrepreneur.
The donor pyramid – really!
The fundraising dream team.
2020 vision: the future of fundraising.
Twitter elite, or Twitter suicide?
Is direct mail dead?

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