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The truth, told well. • Diversity is not enough. How to get there, then go further.
• GDPR latest. Good news from the Regulator.


Introduction to the
future of fundraising
5-part series


Charlie Hulme, Rob Woods and Joe Jenkins review Storytelling for SOFII, here.
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Our former French house Kermarquer is now sold.
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HERE NOW! : the book that will change your life. And your donors’ lives too. Plus, see right for access to CDE’s ‘use and misuse of emotion’ —>

Ken’s books
Books by Ken Burnett
• Relationship Fundraising • Friends for LifeThe Zen of Fundraising
• Tiny Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board • How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports • The Field by the River (hardback, softback
and kindle) And the latest, • Storytelling can change the world.
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SOFII’s free video series Letter to the future: how to change fundraising’s culture, with 32 lightbulb moments to transform your donors’ experience.

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Ken Aus
Apologies for the multiple mugshots here. Click the left image to download a six-page feature from the USA that marks 25 years of Relationship Fundraising and right for a special message for fundraisers outside the UK. See if you can spot the not-quite-deliberate mistake in that (there're no prizes). My favourite mantra, at right, is a clue.

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Recently reprinted: secrets of the would-be influencer’s most vital skill
Order Storytelling can change the world here, £19 .95 (US$ 26.14, €23.84) +P&P. To review why you might want to buy it, have a look here, here and here.

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RECENTLY PUBLISHED: two special features on Ken’s work from top US journal Advancing Philanthropy. Click on the image above left to download the one about relationship fundraising. For the one on storytelling, click right (you guessed!).

Feature articles
• Features, case histories, book reviews and opinion pieces on SOFII.
Five tales from Ken’s only book on natural history, The Field by the River, starting with rough sex down by the river.
• ‘How Relationship Fundraising changed my life
, a review by Craig Linton.
• Articles from The Guardian newspapers and websites and Contributions magazine, USA. •
Ken’s current blogs. • Earlier blogs.Ken’s archive, including his first ever piece of paid journalism, for She Magazine, A Sudan safari.

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