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The Field by the River

What the critics say

“A simple walk in the woods becomes a year-long adventure packed with mysteries, insights and wonder, often all on the same page. Ken’s ‘Field’ will make you happy and, possibly, consider investing in rugged new footwear.”

Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter

“Ken Burnett’s delicious storytelling makes Kerkelven come alive as he surprises, entertains and enchants us. I hope The Field by the River will establish the author as the modern successor to White and Thoreau. It has inspired me to take better note of the living riches that surround us when we are out walking.”

Author of Animal's People, short-listed for the 2007 Man Booker award.

“In the world of news we’re surrounded with fast-moving stories of horror, destruction and pain. The Field by the River is an effective antidote, being gently comforting and mellow. Yet you’ll also learn a lot of zoology, a bit of botany and a smattering of hydrology.”

Editor, Guardian Weekly